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the first in the world revitalization instant isotonic drink with edelweiss extract, vitamins and mineral salts. EDEL-TONIC is presented by SANKOM Switzerland Ч innovative supplier of natural food supplements and dietary nutrition of the highest quality.

Information for distributors

Swiss company SANKOM is interested in cooperation with new international distributors. In order to get acquaintance with you before the beginning cooperation on distribution, please, send us your Distribution Application on-line. Once we receive your application, one of our friendly staff members will be in touch with you via phone or e-mail.

Marketing advantages of revitalizing instant drink EDEL-TONIC with extract of edelweiss, vitamins and minerals in brief consists in the following:

1) 100 % manufacture of Switzerland (including control and guarantees).
2) For the first time in the world isotonic drink contains extract of edelweiss.
3) Contains 10 vitamins.
4) Contains isotonic electrolyte formula.
5) Does not contain any genetically-modified components.
6) 0 % of fats.
7) Ideal ratio of price and quality.
8) Convenient for storage and transportation.
9) Easy and practical in use.
10) Provides the effect of vivacity.
11) Perfectly slakes thirst.
12) Restores strength after illnesses, stresses and physical activities.
13) Fast and remarkable effect.

Revitalization instant drink EDEL-TONIC with extract of edelweiss, vitamins and mineral salts is presented in the form of soluble powder.

The powder is tightly packed in metal can with color label. Net weight - 630 gram. Shelf life is 24 months.

A special measure spoon is also placed inside of the can.

As an authorized distributor, you will have access to:

  • new products alerts;
  • exclusive product pricing;
  • referrals from SANKOM as a distributor in your assigned country or countries;

Don't miss this unique opportunity.

Consulting assistance will be also rendered to you by e-mail and, by phone or by fax you if it is necessary.

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